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The Original Angel Cards
The Original Angel Cards
Indhold: 72 kort
Kathy Tyler & Joy Drake
Enhed.: 72 kort
Varenr.: 0-934245-52-5
Producent.: Sphinx forlag
Pris DKK 119,00 

The Angel Cards are a set of 72 illustrated cards, each depicting a unique angelic quality with a word and a picture. They offer doorways to a realm of spiritual awareness which can encourage us to greater wholeness in our lives. Twenty new angel qualiti

The Angel Cards are much more than just cards. They are called Angel Cards because they represent pure essences. Meditating on them helps you expand your sensitivity to inner resources and uncover a deeper understanding of personal issues.

 The Angel Card angelcardsEach playfully illustrated keyword helps you focus on a particular aspect of your inner life. The more you think about the quality reflected by the word and picture on the card, the more you will find this quality echoing in your life.

Angel Cards can be used to support you in many different ways. Choose an Angel on your birthday to overlight your new year, or other special occasions. Select a weekly or daily Angel to bring inspiration to work, school, an activity or a relationship. 
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Englene er overalt
Englene er overalt
DKK 299,95 
Manipuri Therapy Bowl
Manipuri Therapy Bowl
DKK 359,00 
The Original Angel Cards
The Original Angel Cards
DKK 199,00 
01.Daglig vejledning fra Englene
02.Fairy Tarotkort med dansk tekst og guidebog.
03.Ildengle Meditationskort
  Youtube Video  
01.Chili Klaus og Bubber