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The wisdom of Tao: I - Awakenings
The wisdom of Tao: I - Awakenings
The wisdom of Tao: I - Awakenings
Indhold: 45 cards and guidebook
Varenr.: FM17194
Pris DKK 279,00 

The Wisdom of Tao
Oracle cards Volume I - Awakenings

Taoism, an age-old system describing change, is a philosophy that emphasizes attainment of wisdom and harmony as a way to success. Throughout history it has provided guidance from personal challenges to important sovereign decisions.

For the first time, the principle and essence of Tao is presented within one visionary system. Incorporating teachings from Taoist masters, the power of nature´s elements, the revelations of zodiac animals, and the dynamic interactions among them. Taoist wisdom is now easily accessible to gain insight, devise strategies, and provide a glimpse of changes to come. Consult the cards when confronted with roadblocks, or pick a card to inspire and empower." The Wisdom of Tao" is complete with detailed oracles, vivid images and symbols, clear instructions, and fasinating background stories of the ancient teachers and personalities chosen to guide os.

Mei Jin Lü, PhD is a Taoist philosophy teacher and a 25th generation descendant of ancient Quan Zhen Tao Lineage. She lectures worldwide on various diciplines of Eastern thought and wellness practices.

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Rav og aventurin halskæde til børn38 cm
Rav og aventurin halskæde til børn38 cm
DKK 159,00 
Mælkechokolade overtræk 35% kakao økologisk
Mælkechokolade overtræk 35% kakao økologisk
DKK 40,00 
Chips af plantain bananer m/paprika øko
Chips af plantain bananer m/paprika øko
DKK 21,75 
Filterpatroner 3-pack Dafi
Filterpatroner 3-pack Dafi
DKK 129,00 
DKK 110,00 
01.Du er fantastisk! Positive bekræftelser for børn 5-12 år.
02.Gaia Oracle Cards med dansk guidebog
03.Plaing card:Tempelridderer
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01.Chili Klaus og Bubber