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Celtic Tree Oracle
Celtic Tree Oracle
Celtic Tree Oracle
Indhold: 25 kort og engelsk guidebog. May they help to connect you to the wisdom of the beautiful, sacred world of the trees.
Enhed.: 25 kort
Varenr.: FM14795
Pris DKK 199,00 

Celtic Tree Oracle is based on ancient Celtic wisdom, which revered trees as living, spiritual beings - keepers of sacred bknowledge that can help us survive, and thrive on Earth.

This deck is your tool to tune into the trees and access their age-old loving guidance. You will become familiar with the signature energies of the trees and more connected with nature - inspired to walk through the woodlands and breathe in the revitalizing air of the rainforests.

These cards are steeped in Cetic cosmology which honors the cycles of the seasons and teaches reverence for all living creatures and respect for our Mother Earth. May they help to connect you to the wisdom of the beautiful, sacred world of the trees.

Indeholder 25 kort og 116 siders guidebog. Sprog. Engelsk
0 vare
Næseskyller Rosa stor
Næseskyller Rosa stor
DKK 149,00 
Hirse amazake økologisk
Hirse amazake økologisk
DKK 54,75 
Hyben  En vitaminbombe fyldt med smag og næring
Hyben En vitaminbombe fyldt med smag og næring
DKK 200,00 
Hvid citron peber økologisk
Hvid citron peber økologisk
DKK 38,75 
DKK 29,75 
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02.Spillekort med Tempelridderer
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