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Tai Chi & Tai Chi II
Tai Chi & Tai Chi II
Tai Chi & Tai Chi II
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Ideal for professional practitioners or beginners.
Varenr.: 90428
Pris DKK 195,00 

Music for Tai Chi and relaxation.
Music can play a vital role in helping the Tai Chi student to concentrate on the timing of their movements. I am sure you will find this recording of great benefit and enjoyment.

Includes a full colour guide to Tai Chi & CD of music specially selected for New World Music by Dr. Paul Lam - Tai Chi Master
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Rainbow røgelse Floral Musk
Rainbow røgelse Floral Musk
DKK 28,00 
Rosiner mørke Ø 
Rosiner mørke Ø 
DKK 37,95 
Rainbow røgelse. Red Rose
Rainbow røgelse. Red Rose
DKK 28,00 
Lito Hyben kapsler
Lito Hyben kapsler
DKK 218,00 
DKK 193,00 
01.Music for Moms & Moms-to-be UDSALG
02.On a day like this - UDSALG aå længe lager haves
03.Time for living UDSALG så længe lager haves
  Youtube Video  
01.Chili Klaus og Bubber